November 13, 2022
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Athens Marathon

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November 13, 2022

Run the Authentic. Be Authentic

The Athens Authentic Marathon is more than a marathon, it is history. A unique experience for every marathon runner. It is not just a sporting event, a hard run, or a difficult route of 42,195m, it is more than that, the Athens Marathon is a bridge that unites legend with history framed in a running event.

This marathon has a unique and different route than you may have run in other marathons, where the tourist areas and the city are part of the route. It is a route that pays homage to the story of the soldier Pheidippides when he ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the victory of the Greek army over the Persians.

The start is in the city of Marathon, inside the Athletics Stadium and after the usual Olympic Oath, the start takes place. The first kilometers are gradually uphill until you reach the middle, which is where the least easy section is. From kilometer 31 the route begins to descend until it reaches Athens and reaches the finish line, which is inside the Panathinaikó Stadium, venue of the first games of the modern age in 1896 in which this athletic discipline was established.

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An advice. During the tour there will be many people cheering and offering olive branches, so be nice and greet her with your best smile, as these people are cheering and thanking you!

Athens is one of the most historic cities you can visit. Cradle of great artists and philosophers of antiquity. A place where you can discover the ancient Greek cultures and immerse yourself in the magic of great temples and majestic buildings capable of lasting over time.