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A travel agency founded by runners for runners

Efficiency, adaptability, teamwork, leadership, safety, commitment, effort, constant improvement… These are some of the values and qualities you gain when you become a runner. At Travelmarathon we identify with all these values, combining our experience in running with our background in the travel industry.

This is how Travelmarathon emerged, a travel agency specializing in sports travel and running events such as full marathons and half marathons around the world. Through our new and enhanced website, we offer personalized services for all runners who wish to participate in the best full or half marathons around the world. We are uniquely equipped to meet the sports traveler’s particular needs.

When you travel for a marathon, our mission is to ensure that your only concern is to train and run – leave the rest to us. Since we are runners ourselves, we know exactly what runners need. Travelmarathon’s philosophy is to work hard to reach the finish line – together we will be finishers.

Discover new destinations through experiences

Because there is more to a city than a sporting event, Travelmarathon offers a range of experiences so that you can discover new destinations, meet other runners and enjoy a sports holiday you won’t forget.

We organize these experiences together with our best partners to bring you a wonderful running experience.

A calendar with the top running events

As runners ourselves, not only are we well aware of what runners need when participating in a full or half marathon, including the days before the event, but we also know that not just any event will do.

That’s why we are always looking to offer guaranteed spots in the most popular events among the running community. We can also suggest events we think you will like based on our experience.


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