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October 22, 2023
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Valencia Half Marathon 2023 | SuperHalfs
Valencia Half Marathon 2023 | SuperHalfs

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October 22, 2023

Run in the City of Running. The best half marathon in Spain.

The 21K Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Zurich was the first Spanish half marathon to receive the Gold Label Road Race awarded by World Athletics in 2016, which has been renewed year after year, and it is also the best Spanish half marathon for several years in a row, a title granted by the RFEA (Spanish Athletics Federation).

Since the 2018 edition, the route has changed for the better. After the celebration of the IAAF World Half Marathon Championship Valencia 2018, where the world looked how fast a half marathon could be in Valencia, it was decided to modify the route so that year after year they were able to beat records both elite runners and amateur runners, and it is shown that in 2021 the athlete Letesenbet Gidey broke the world record for the distance in the women’s category with a time of 1:02:52.

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The route is still flat and fast, taking its runners through large streets and avenues so as not to form crowds and it is possible to run well from the first kilometer, and it continues to be a good way to get to know the city since part of its route runs through the city center and its monumental buildings such as the Plaza de Toros, the Town Hall or the Estación del Norte.

The Valencia Half Marathon is part of the SuperHalfs circuit together with the Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen and Cardiff half marathons. All these events were chosen, among other details, for being a Gold Label Road Race by the World Athletics, and for being events where world distance records have been broken or for hosting the World Half Marathon Championship.

The SuperHalfs circuit is a great way to travel to these great races and beautiful cities. And complete this circuit is rewarded both by the organization and by us.

When you complete the circuit, the organization will give you the SuperMedal, but if you also travel with us to all these events to complete the circuit, we will give you a special gift and registration for the Valencia Marathon that same year to celebrate that you are SuperFinisher.

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