I want to be like Philipides and Spyros Louis

I want to be like Philipides and Spyros Louis

Quiero ser como Filípides

Legend has it that in 490 BC a messenger soldier ran from Marathon to Athens to convey the news of the Greek army’s victory over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. Exhausted, after running the 40 kilometres between the two cities, he died. That messenger’s name was Philipides and he was the first marathon runner. 

Since then, thousands and thousands of runners have dreamed of becoming marathon runners like Philipides (without dying in the attempt). Many of them have even wanted to emulate that feat, that journey from Marathon to Athens, the Authentic Marathon. A race that is more than a marathon. It is a journey through time, it is to be part of the legend. To run the Athens Authentic Marathon is to make a place for yourself in the Greek mythological Olympus.

And not only for remembering the legend of Philipides. But also because of the toughness of the race, which is more than 20 kilometres long and slightly uphill. Although the Greek people carry you all the way to the finish line, with their shouts of encouragement, with their olive branches, which they offer to the runners as a sign of gratitude.

But that is not all. Because the legend of Philipides must be added to the feat of Spyros Louis. He was the first athlete to win the gold medal at the first modern Olympic Games (1896) and became a legend in international athletics. From then until now, the Athens Marathon starts at the Marathon Athletics Stadium and finishes at the impressive Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, the home and origin of the modern Olympic Games.

There are many runners who want to emulate Philipides and Spyros Louis, who would like their name to become part of Greek mythology, who dream of reaching this stadium, the origin of Olympic sport and the marathon, with their olive branch and a smile from ear to ear, because they have succeeded. Because they did not defeat the Persians, they defeated those who said they would not be able to complete such a hard feat. Their victory is to arrive at that impressive white marble stadium with the conviction that they too have made history. That they have completed the real Marathon.

I also want to be like Philipides

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